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White Cube Inside Out

by Daniel Kurfess

                 White Cube Inside Out is an interactive environment created with Unity and a result of the one week workshop Digital Material - Glitch culture as a new popular trend? with Rosa Menkman at Merz Akademie [requires the Unity browser plugin to play — alternatively you can download the standalone experience for Windows, for Mac or for Android].

Enter the glitch gallery and explore the various exhibition pieces. But as you are drawn into its winding corridors, the glitches begin to leak out. The gallery itself transforms into a huge glitch until it penetrates all space and eats its visitors who become part of the exhibition in the process. White Cube Inside Out was inspired by Brian O'Doherty's Inside The White Cube and the work of Yves Klein.


Move and look around:
Take screenshot:

WASD keys + Mouse
Space key
Alt+F4* [Mac: cmd+q]

*standalone download version only [Windows] [Mac]

Web Version


Android app on Google Play Windows version via Direct Download Mac version via Direct Download


Click to enlarge

Android Version

Android ScreenshotMove:
Look around:
Take screenshot:

Touch joystick bottom left
Double tap touch joystick bottom right
Touch joystick bottom right
Volume rocker down + standby (for 2 seconds)*

*Android 4.x+ [Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean] devices only

Download and install .APK directly. DRM-Free. No automatic updates.Android app on Google Play


May 2012 (updated May 2013) | Contact: Twitter

More projects: Relations.io